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Books for Children 

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For Children of Brain Tumor Patients

I haven't found many books for children who are dealing with their father's illness -- only a few about mother's with breast cancer. The books below are targeted for children 4-8.  Also, here is a national support group for kids called Kids Konnected:

For Parents to Read:

"Can I Still Kiss You: Answering Your Children's Questions About Cancer" by Neil Russell

"Cancer in the Family: Helping Children Understand," by Sue P. Heiney, Joan F. Hermann, Joy L. Fincannon (From Barnes & Noble)

"Helping Your Children Cope With Your Cancer: A Guide For Parents And Families" by Peter R. Van Dernoot, Madelyn Case (From Barnes & Noble)

"How to Help Children Through a Parent's Serious Illness" by Kathleen McCue, Ron Bonn
This is a book I wish I'd known about "back then" - SV

"When a Parent Has Cancer" by Wendy Harpham, MD (and a cancer survivor)

"When Children Grieve: For Adults to Help Children Deal With Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving, and Other Losses," by John W. James, Russell Friedman, Leslie Landon Matthews (Contributor)
I highly recommend this book as it sheds light on the "myths" we (typically in the U.S.) were taught about proper responses to grief.

To Read With Your Child:

Nowhere Hair  by Sue Glader (for ages 3 to 12). A whimsical, poignantly illustrated book that focuses on dispelling the worries that cancer brings to children and explaining the loss of hair due to chemotherapy such as hats, scarves, wigs, going bald in public, and the idea that what is inside of us is far more important than how we look on the outside (November 2010). See the book video.

"Our Family Has Cancer, Too!" (ages 9-12) by Christine Clifford, Jack Lindstrom

"The Paper Chain" (for ages 4-8) by Claire Blake

"Once Upon a Hopeful Night" by Risa Yaffe, Troy Cramer (sounds very nice)

"Daddy's Cancer and My Daddy's Cancer" by Cindy Klein Cohen (1997) by Promise Publications 

"When Eric's Mom Fought Cancer" by Judith Vigna 

"My Mommy Has Cancer" by Carolyn Stearns Parkinson (a 5-yr old boy's mom; what causes cancer)

"The Kissing Hand" (more about separation anxiety but a nice concept that helps a lot when you can't be together)

For Children With Cancer

Emotio Believes in You, an ebook by Ray Wilkins ( September 2011). A story about a boy and his fight against cancer. He discovers the power behind thoughts and feelings. Guided by a creature called Emotio from the land of Tryfatt. Max must cross the Bridge of Mood and solve all challenges. This book is illustrated and also contains simple exercises for pain relief, relaxation and affirmations. Ray (who lives in Belgium) tells me that part of the income of this book goes to "wŁnschdirwas" a German organisation that fulfills the dreams of children with cancer

Everything's Okay by Alesia Shute, illustrated by Nathan Lueth (2011). This graphic novel tells the author's story of being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 7. It is her story of survival that details not only her recovery, but also her struggles throughout school, boys, marriage and pregnancy. (See

Kathy's Hats : A Story of Hope by Trudy Krisher. A little girl loses her hair as a result of treatment for cancer, and she hates the hats she wears to cover her baldness until her mother tells her she should also be wearing a thinking cap -- he most important thing about a person is the way she thinks about things.

"The Kissing Hand" (more about separation anxiety but a nice concept that helps a lot when you can't be together)

Let's Talk About When Kids Have Cancer (The Let's Talk Library)
by Melanie Apel Gordon, Melanie Apel Gorden

Little Tree : A Story for Children With Serious Medical Problems by Joyce C. Mills, Michael Chesworth. Let Little Tree help you help the child who is coping with illness...and don't be surprised if you too feel its soothing, soulful message

Our Family Has Cancer, Too! by Christine Clifford, Jack Lindstrom (Illustrator)
Providing comfort through the knowledge that "you are not alone," Our Family Has Cancer, Too! Is an ideal gift for children ages 7-12 whose families have been touched to cancer. A special "Questions to Ask" section invites kids to write down their questions for parents, doctors, teachers, and others. Additional worksheets inspire family members to draw and record their feelings for later discussion. Powerful "Stop and Discuss" suggestions throughout the book encourage dialogue between parents and children. The book also contains a glossary of the most common words kids might hear when someone in their family has cancer.

Surviving Childhood Cancer : A Guide for Families by Margot Joan Fromer. 
From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1995
Intended for children with cancer and their family and friends, this informative, sensitive guide describes the illness, its treatment, and how it changes the lives of the child and everybody involved with the child. A glossary of relevant terms is provided and a resource section lists supportive organizations. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Pediatric Cancer Sourcebook : Basic Consumer Health Information About Leukemias, Brain Tumors, Sarcomas (Health Reference Series) by Edward J. Prucha (Editor), Ed Prucha (Editor)

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