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Best Mailing List About Brain Tumors

The Braintmr mailing list is a group of brain tumor patients, caregivers and medical professionals who exchange messages on the internet. It is useful for finding out about treatment options, coping with treatment side effects and deficits caused by tumors, but more than anything for reaching out to the huge community of people who will offer emotional support. This mailing list can send out hundreds of e-mails a day, so a Digest form is available to let you condense the messages into one, with a list of message topics.

For more information about subscribing, go the Al Musella's Virtual Trials website, or subscribe now by sending a message to:


The text of the message should read:


You should receive confirmation of your new subscription almost immediately. 


Newsgroups about the Brain . . . Sorta

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Newsgroup: alt.brain
This newsgroup is a humorous discussion.

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